Bluetooth connection not working

I am trying to checkout Bluetooth on my new HI10 X, without success. I have not got any device to connect, although their existence is just about recognised.

I am concentrating on BT connection with my Android phone and a folding keyboard. ‘Add a new device’ came up with a PIN for the keyboard just once, but it was not accepted and now I just get a blank. The phone has been paired but it is not connected and the only option offered is to remove it.

I have checked a number of Settings, such as Services and Device Manager and the Troubleshooter.

I have the same issue. My pen is not working either

Before I took a break from it I had established that it something to do with the BT Service (in Services) which should be set to Automatic start instead of Manual. I can change it to Automatic OK, but the next time I look it is back to Manual. I will have another go soon and will report any progress.

My Pen is alright