Camera drivers issue


I’ve just got a new CHUWI UBook Pro from Amazon.
Looks really great but then could not install any Linux distro.

Anyway I gave up on that and install my company Windows 10 enterprise edition.
Everything is good using those drivers from here!ADxrDB2frGHwNLk&id=FC1F543E3FBD4AAA!22701&cid=FC1F543E3FBD4AAA

But I cannot get my camera to work. Driver looks good on windows 10 but is not detected.
Attached is my serial number picture.


Here are drivers showing ok on windows device manager:

You can try the Intel Camera Sensor driver.

Here is one from a Lenovo site that might work for you.

Or from the Microsoft catalog:

You might want to sort by Last Updated.

I am currently using the 30.14393.9681.3190 version

Thanks for your feedback. I saw this same info on another topic and already try that… all drivers seems to work but both cameras are still not detected… I starting to think I have a faulty device and will need to return it to Amazon.


Do you have any Unknown Devices showing up in your device manager?

If not, you might have a faulty camera sensor module and probably best that you return it before too long.

No, all devices are good so I suspect that is really the case…