Can I install any Windows.iso?

Hello, I’ve recently bought an Herobook Pro.
But it comes with a GPT system partition by default, and I need it to be MBR to be able encrypt it and use certain applications. The problem is to change it to MBR I would need to format Windows.

Can I just install any .iso of Windows from internet similar to any other PC/laptop? Because I’ve seen on other threads people having issues when formating their system, getting bluescreens and having to flash very specific files provided by chuwi on mediafire links.

Will it be okay or attempting to format my laptop can somehow brick the laptop?

Just in case, is there any way to change the GTP partition to MBR without having to format?

Hi, you can insert any version of windows, install from a usb key formatted with microsoft media crator tool, the original license will be acquired automatically.