Hello, I’ve a lot of problems to start the installation of windows10 on HEROBOX.
My son want to install on my HEROBOX another system and erase original WINDOWS10 HOME.
Now when i’m starting to install again the software, following the instructions on the forum, the installation stop after 1% when installing files.
I don’t know how to have again the WIN10 Home working.
No one have an IMAGE of the system without following the guide on the forum?
Maybe I’m making errors and i missed something.

Try to delete all partitions from the drive.

Boot using the Windows setup usb from microsoft.
Select the language you want to use and select Next.
Click Install Now.
Accept the terms and conditions and select Next.
Go to the Custom (advanced) option.
Now, a prompt will ask you the location for the Windows installation. You will see a list of all the existing drives. Click on Drive options (advanced).
Click on the partition and Select Delete and so on for each partition.

Then try to install original Windows.

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The conventional method is to use the installation disk or installation media to install Windows 10, which is a method used by hundreds of millions of people.

True, but I also tell you the number of cases that I have attended in which the user insists on creating a partition and formatting it to install Windows there instead of marking unallocated space

As what i said:
With the help of the Windows installation media to install Windows 10.

Or do a clean Windows 10 installation with Windows install (USB) disk.

It’s a very common mistake. It’s just how the hdd was formatted. In most cases NTFS is used.
To understand better :
MBR stands for Master Boot Record

What is Booting:

Boosting is a source which start the operating system when a user turns on a computer system.

In MBR, first in hard disk, it identifies how and where an Operating System is located, so that it can be loaded or booted into the computer’s main memory area. It is also used for starting or partitioning the information in computer drive.

VBR stands for Variable Bit Rate

It identifies the bit rate of any sound or video encoding. It identifies the amount of output data per time segment.

EBR stands for Extended Boot Record

IT is used for partition of information which is loaded by MBR. This is sub-partition area.

MFT stands for Master File Table

It any information or structure is damaged, the partition will be inaccessible. MFT cannot be repaired. If damaged file or structure exists, then file oriented recovery will be used.

GPT stands for Guid Partition Table

This is the way to store the partition information on a drive. This are knows where where partition start and end.

Just delete the partition in which we installed windows, and then create a new partition. The windows installer himself chooses the best option.