How to reinstall Windows and Android? All partition are erased!

Hi. My Windows 10 was with issues. Try to fix it, I erased all partitions. Now, I can not install W10 or even enter on screen install mode, because there is not allow me choose usb to boot. How can I fix it?

You should have asked before deleting anything, it would be much easier.
You have to perform a complete installation (first Android and then Windows) with the roms whose links are in the downloads and support section of this forum. You must choose the corresponding ones to the serial number of your tablet, since if you do not choose the appropriate one, it will not work correctly.
For Android installation you will need an Intel application. For Windows installation, just start with the correct rom pendrive.

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Hi. Thanks for your help. Can you help about the links?!
Model: HI12 Q64G45170900557