Windows 11 réinstaller

Hello, in the spring of 2022 I bought two Chuwi hero book pro laptops (one for me the other for my son) with Windows 10 switchable to Windows 11 which I did. Great laptop for this price range. But in the second week of February this year, during a Windows update, the power supply was cut off which caused a system error. I tried to reinstall Windows in Iso image, after I understood in a forum that the procedure was different, the USB flash key had to be formatted in NTFS and be named WINPE system. Unzip Windows files, and copy to usb key, Sandisk etc.

I made an appointment with a computer technician to ask him if he knew this brand and model of laptop. He told me yes, but after a few minutes he made me a flash drive in iso to reinstall Windows telling me that he had never worked on a Chuwi before and that everything was going to be fine. Seeing that the laptop seemed to recognize the files, it says continue with you. But when everything seemed ok, a message appears that no.

So I took matters into my own hands, reformatting my NTFS key, named WINPE. AND FOLLOWING THE PROCEDURE TO THE LETTER. I find that I have to take the advanced option of reinstalling Windows. But I can’t reach the choices like pressing on and F7 at the same time anymore. The technician told me to open then press F7 and fr . When he asks me where I want to install Windows I try to take Partition 1, but there are 4 partitions and I am unable to choose Partition 1, I have to erase all the Partitions before I think but how. I am not able to see the UEFI: Sandisk option.

Maybe I should have it done, boot from my hard drive, or a boot set up manager, or maintenance and then try again. I signed up with my son’s laptop as mine can’t work right now. so if I ever have a tool or an application to download, it must be able to be put on a support, my product tag is: JHEROPCW2H220200176.