Can the BIOS be set to automatically turn on when the power is restored?

I hope that when the power is restored after a power failure, the computer can automatically turn on. I went into the BIOS to find the settings, but I didn’t find out where to set it.

Does anyone know how to set it? Or need to update the BIOS?

Yes this option is available, What version of the bios do you have?
I have GB3B102 (latest at the moment of writing).

I can verify it works as expected, (the Wake On Lan does not work at the moment).
In the bios (press ESC while booting to enter).

go to the “Boot” menu, there is in option called “Auto Power On” change this to [Power On]

Alternatively you could use the RTC to wakeup the device every minute, this way you can make sure the device is always on.

This setting is called “S5 RTC Wake Settings” also under the Boot menu