Chuwi Freebook Screen

I purchased a Chuwi Freebook June 2023. I was browsing when the screen abruptly shut off. The keypads are working fine (keypads light and Capslock light are both working). The battery is fully charged up (as green LED indicated). I have tried rebooting the unit by long pressing the power button but the power won’t completely and is now giving me slow blinks (blue LED indicator). What could possibly be the issue. Appreciate any help. Thanks! - I am from the Philippines, by the way.

Does it shut down completely if you keep & hold power button pressed?
If so shut off completely and try to restart the system.
If there’s a way to send the display to external screen like a TV or monitor screen, try that option and report back if it worked or not.
Generally there should be a USB C or HDMI out port on freebook that will allow you to send the display to external monitor. But OS should be running for that I suppose.

If such troubleshooting does not help, it could be a hardware failure and taking it to repair center might be the final option.

Edit 1-
Basically what I am suggesting is that if it can project on external display, in a way it means GPU is good and only the laptop screen has a problem. It may be as trivial as disconnected cable, internally.

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