ChUwi hi 10 air error

Hi I bought a chuwi hi 10 air and its cpu usage become to 100 when I just use internet ! I reinstall win again and update drivers but nothing changed
Also the touch screen has delay for typing and writing
What can I do

Go to the task manager to determine which application or applications have a high CPU consumption. If you use Chrome, try Edge. You should also check if updates are being performed simultaneously

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so it is common ! In the other topic I saw that one had hi12 and he had this problem and solve it by updating Intel I2c driver but there is no update for all my hardware I updated all . I use Chrome and I checked the task manager , there is some Microsoft services such as system , windows module installer and … and chrome , chrome has 55% on web searching
So can’t I use Matlab or some other software on it ? If not Android system is much more better !

I had the same problem with regular windows images. I installed windows 10 ltsc 1809 and now CPU load into idle does not exceed 10%. In chrome i can open up to 7 tabs before load goes to 100%.


what do you think about Matlab ? Can I install it?
Can I use win10 lite also?

I think windows lite is a good option, but not sure about Matlab, it recommends 8gb ram for comfort usage.

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