Chuwi Hi 10 Air Power

Instead to the internal battery, is it possible to supply the Tablet Chuwi Hi10 connecting a 3,7 volt external power supply to the battery socket ?

Yes, but you will probably have problems with constantly decreasing the charge level to 0% and then the tablet will automatically turn off.

Why ? If I connect to the battery socket a 3.8 - 4.0 vdc power supply, the tablet should see the power supply voltage, like a fully charged battery… I guess

The power controller IC works differently. It calculates the current consumption, and then calculates the percentage of charge. You may not even be able to turn on the tablet after it turns off automatically until you plug in the charger.
Also if you will charge the battery bypassing the controller you will face the same problem.

But I did not check what happens if you turn off the tablet before it is “discharged”, maybe after a reboot the percentage of charge will be high again.

Then, if I understood, the only way is to switch on the tablet with the battery and use, just in case,a diode to connect positive lead of the power supply with the positive lead of the battery. The diode of course is use to avoid any reverse current towards the power supply

You can use an external power supply and charge the tablet at the same time. In this case, the power IC will monitor the voltage and should increase or keep the charge level at the same level.

Ok, clear. I have to try, I’ll make some test and I’ll let you know results.
Thankyou Biosham