Chuwi Hi10 GO Megathread (W10/11)

Damn, you’re right.
They removed all the commercial infos about digitizer in the official website and store.

Probably because they didn’t figure out how to made the pen work properly.

I got my Hi10Go in Aug 2021 and this last week have seen that the battery has bloated. I’ve sent off e-mails to Chuwi with no response. It should be under warranty still and would like to get one from them.

It works great for my needs as a portable device for Ham Radio.

Does anyone know where you can get a battery for it? It would be good to have a choice if Chuwi does not come through.

Hi, does theses files work on the N5100 model ?
Thanks in advance

me too… this is so trash

I am currently having a touch screen problem (inputs are inverted) and the fix in this thread doesn’t work (N5100 model).


More, pen on widows tablet is the only alternative for mouse or trackpad, and without it you can’t even surf internet normaly, you always lack of possibility to hover elements.

I’ll double my answer from your thread here for others:
Here’s correct driver and some more overall useful info about device


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That worked, I’m also doubling my reply from here Chuwi Hi10 Go N5100 Touch Screen problem - #5 by guka90

Here’s the correct driver: 149.1 KB file on MEGA (I’m hosting this, please mirror it)

As a bonus I managed to get the N5100 restore image from, but it came with the inverted touch driver: 10.1-S102JWR120-JC86B-070-G(N5100) - just copy the content into an USB pendrive or something and rename the disk to “WINPE” (you have to rename it or else it won’t restore the image correctly)

Para os brasileiros: só instalar o driver com o link do mega que vai corrigir o problema do touch invertido, deixei também um pacote de restauração de imagem da versão N5100 que recebi do email de suporte oficial (mas que veio com driver de touch errado, é só jogar os arquivos dentro de um pendrive e renomear o disco para “WINPE”, depois instalar o driver do mega e clicar em “clean up” no Windows que vai chegar na tela de instalação zerado). Abraços!

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Hello. Can I add SSD or emmc drive on Chuwi Hi10 Go ? I know that we have emmc 5.1 128 GB nand drive but maybe on motherboard we have pads or connector to do this ? What does it do bellow connector ?

By the way, someone put Android x86 ??
Tried to put it, but after choosing which version to put a black screen :((

Hi. download the source code. The developer sent me an image. there is an instruction in the word file. During installation, everything is erased

chuwi gaming
chuwi gaming
Genshin Impact on Chuwi Hi10 Go

The android distributions with kernel versions 5.4+ run fine, but this is still not enough, because you need at least 5.15 to make the touchscreen work.
I was able to run the Bliss OS v15 distribution, but they have a maximum kernel version of 5.10

I cracked my Hi10 Go screen. I’d really like to replace it if possible, but I can’t seem to find any replacement parts specifically stated as for the Hi10 Go. Any leads?

I can’t believe you got Genshin to run on it! Around New Year’s Eve last year, League of Legends was just barely chugging along for me.

i wont trust other users on the public forum, i worry the drivers have virus.

HOWEVER, for hi10x, if i backup drivers by dism method,
when i reinstall the drivers, windows will check digital signature.
drivers from chuwi are signed.

if you people use someone else’s uploaded driver here,
pls make sure the drivers are signed (i.e. no warning when you reinstall them).

chuwi is good

it is you the user who should ask/know before buying.

chuwi is blamed.

btw, if NOT specifically told yes, you better assume no.

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the cheap tablets are like condoms, like plastic bags.

broken, then dump and replace.

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This file have password !!!

Another HID (Windows touchcreen driver) re-upload on gdrive, just in case: