Chuwi Hi10 plus win11 upgrade issue

After bypassing CPU and HDD check on win11 installation, my Chuwi Hi10 plus restarted after 100% copying the installation files into ssd and stuck in the booting screen like forever. Had to long press power button to power cycle, the rollback happened and back to original win10 21H1 with error message below :

‘0xC1900101 - 0x20017 Installation failed during safe OS phase with an error during boot operation’

I’m suspecting chuwi hi10 is using different booting method causing the installation to halt, been trying to understand the error log but its too difficult. Anyone have any luck on win11 upgrade on chuwi hi10?

yep. I’m writing this comment on my hi10 pro with win11.
You should never update windows versions trough another windows.
Just make a pendrive with win11 media creation tool. Delete all the partitions in the custom installation menu. You are ready to install win11.

Mentioning the drivers… you have to figure out that you have 109c or 109d motherboard(aida64 ), otherwise you will see a magic smoke from the usbc power switching module.

Thanks for the guidance, is it possible to maintain dual boot to Android? Deleting all the partition will remove android from the tablet as well…

I don’t think the win11 installer would like that, but you can try and save the android partition.
You have to figure out which are the android partitions and which are the win partitions.
After deleting the win partitions, in the installer click next on the free space.

!!before you do that!!
Save the windows drivers(google is you friend), and find out which is your MB(109c/109d). I sorted out from this forum links, so i can give you exactly what you need.

If you want the dualboot, the recommended installer is the moded for chuwi installer from this forum.
The microsoft installer may not work with the dualboot partitions.

If you can’t install win 11 with dualboot, you have to delete the created partitions(only the windows ones) with the microsoft Win installer. After deleting, exit the installer and use the modded win installer from this forum.

I have search the forum for the modded installer but couldn’t find it. Possible to send me the link to the modded win installer? Thanks in advance.

Thanks for everything !

Rus : Как оказалось, можно поставить Windows 11 x64 (196) через обновление + смену настроек в биосе (выключить tpm и secure boot, перевести emmc в pci из acpi) + добавить патч на игнор tpm и secure boot и того, что ssd меньше 64 гб)

Ps. Для того, чтобы зайти в биос нужна клавиатура через otg, нажимать esc при логотипе. Для установки достаточно распакованного образа из msdn и через setup.exe прямо с windows 10.

Работает все!

Eng Trans:
As it turned out, you can install Windows 11 x64 (196) via update + change settings in BIOS (turn off tpm and secure boot, transfer emmc to pci from acpi) + add a patch to ignore tpm and secure boot and the fact that ssd is less than 64 GB)

Ps. In order to enter the BIOS, you need a keyboard via otg, press esc at the logo. To install, it is enough to unpack the image from msdn and via setup.exe directly from windows 10.

Everything works!


(convert emmc to pci from acpi in bios)


This is the perfect solution for this hybrid OS, win11 now running fine on hi10plus. Thanks for your guidance on the installation.