Chuwi Hi10 Air does not install Windows 11 - HELP!

Hi everyone, I tried to install Windows 10 on my Chuwi Hi10 Air, which obviously is not compatible with Windows 11.

But I followed the guide provided by Microsoft itself to force the installation; the tablet reaches 100% installation, but then Windows 10 restarts again, and an error window appears that reads:

"error :

‘0xC1900101 - 0x20017 Installation failed during safe OS phase with an error during boot operation’

What does this error mean? Most importantly, how do I solve it?

Chuwi Hi10 Air Features:

4 GB Ram, SanDisk DF4064 SSD, Intel Atom x5-Z8350 processor

Thanks to anyone who will be able to help me !!!

There is a Windows download that checks if your device is suitable for Windows 11 upgrade. I ran it on my Hi10 Plus and got the result the Z8350 processor is not yet suitable to run Windows 11

Hi, thanks for the reply.
But how is it possible? I’ve seen videos on YouTube where there are guys who have upgraded incompatible PCs to Windows 11, even 15 years ago, and instead a relatively newer processor gives this problem …

I can only tell you hat happened when I ran the “update check”

‘0xC1900101 - 0x20017 Installation failed during safe OS phase with an error during boot operation’
i have the same error trying to upgrade to win11. The tablet restarted after 100% copying the installation files into ssd and stuck in the booting screen like forever. When long press the power button to power cycle, the rollback happened and back to original win10 21H1. I’m suspecting chuwi hi10 is using different booting method causing the installation to halt, been trying to understand the error log but its too difficult. Anyone have any luck on win11 upgrade on chuwi hi10?

You may have to go into the Chuwi BIOS and install in “Legacy” mode with Rufus. You use Rufus to create the USB install media as described in the article below. I did this on a Chuwi LapBook pro and I have Windows 11 running no problems. I did turn secure boot back on after the installation, but that step was not necessary as the computer booted Win-11 fine in either mode. How to install Windows in Legacy mode - fit-PC wiki