Chuwi hi10Cwi505 dualboot tablet

I’m at odds, I’ve been trying to do this for three days. I’ve had my chuwi hi10 cwi505 tablet (I don’t know and Im unable to find the serial number)since 2016 and now I’m trying to reset as new considering the Android part I want uninstalled AND the drivers for Wi-Fi, audio and touchscreen are gone, like disappeared and I can’t put then back on. I’m trying to boot my chuwi hi10 tablet from a flashdrive (NOT the ISO but the pendrive)with the whole Microsoft creation tool for the 64bit.

The tablet boot manager actually won’t let me boot from it and whenever I go into the boot menu to look the USB is there but IT WiLL NOT BOOT. I don’t know what to do it.

My personal email is

Please I need help with this thing. Plus when I try to manual input the drives I’m also unable to.

The tablet won’t connect to internet considering the realtor driver is gone. The touch won’t work considering that driver is gone and also the audio value considering that driver is also gone. hELP!?!?!?!

Check the serial number on the back of the device,and describe your problem to will help you.

Follow this tutorial: