Chuwi HI12 - No WiFi / no mic at each reboot / no external HDD

Hello everybody!
Last year I bought my mom a Chuwi HI12 since she needed both a tablet and a very basic user PC.
We live 1000kms far from each other, so in case of need we are using Ultraviewer.
Since one week ago, after a Windows / cortana update (she doesn’t recognize very well what she clicks on) drivers started going nuts.

Since I am used to tinker with PCs, I tried different solutions, but none is definitive.

  • Microphone is not always recognized - you need to open Device Manager, uninstall all drivers from both Audio inputs and outputs and Sound, video and game controllers, then choose Action > Scan for hardware changes, and wait the PC to reinstall all drivers. Sometimes you will need to restart the PC because the Intel SST audio device sometimes requires it - in that case you will need to start all over.

  • Realtek Wireless LAN 802.11n SDIO Network Adapter is not always recognized. In that case I cannot work from remote since the PC DOES NOT CONNECT - a workaround we found is to switch to Android, which connects to the net, surf a random page and then switch back to Windows. Only rebooting wouldn’t make the trick.

Is there any solution to make the changes stable? I need to work and this is making me crazy…

  • Bonus: External hard disk is not recognized at all - no workaround found with messing with USB drivers in Device Manager.
    When the disk is connected through USB you hear the device on notification sound, but:
  • No additional disk is found among Disk manager;
  • No additional “Other device”, “Not recognized device” among the devices in Device Manager.

Please help…
Thank you,

Please copy this to can help you solve the problem

Thank you, I also wrote to that mailbox, I still got no answers.

Last time i facing same issue i try to update sound driver and setup power mode on drive solved issue . you can try .