Chuwi Hi13 RAM upgrade to 8 Gb. Need in "RAM configuration straps"

I want to upgrade my Chuwi Hi13 Q64G45170902164 with second RAM chip “ELPIDA EDFB164A1MA-GD-F 4Gb”. I see free place on motherboard for that. I found the same RAM chip in AliExpress as is already installed in Hi13.
In my service said that they need not only second RAM chip but also “RAM configuration straps”. This is information how to configure special resistors which support compatibility with existing RAM and central processor.
See example of “RAM configuration straps” for MacBook and my motherboard.

Can anyone help me with that “straps” ?

I will ask, but i am not sure we can help as this is an old machine.

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Are there any information from motherboard manufacturer? Schemas, data sheets?

I am trying, tech told me to wait because they are looking for the information. This product is quite old. So they are trying to find it.

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Hi! :wave:
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Are there news about straps configuration for RAM expanding?
I realise that that Chuwi Hi13 is quite old device and documentation may not be available now.
Try to ask tech support about RAM configuration on mainboard using more generalized key words: "schemas for motherboards with ELPIDA EDFB164A1MA-GD-F 4Gb RAM chip” and “Apollo Lake SoC tablet main board scheme”.
I think that our domestic soldering service specialists could understand it and find solution.

Thanks :+1:

I will see if they can understand, or find any more suitable information