Chuwi Hi8 Windows reset went wrong

Hi there,

I wanted to set my Chuwi Hi8 windows back to factory settings. Everything went well, it reached 100% restore but then the screen stayed black. After a long time I turned the Chuwi off and on again. The screen goes on but stays black. When I turn the tablet off and back on again by pressing the power button plus volume + it gets into a menu with 6 options: Continue, Boot manger, Device manager, Boot from file, Secure boot option and SCU, but I cannot select any of them.

I hope someone can help!

You have interrupted the factory restoration process. Although it seems that the tablet is stopped, it is really working on the restoration process. You should try to finish it, turning it on again, put the charger and wait (it can take many hours depending on the free space in the eMMC and if you have decided or not to keep your files).

Thank you very much for your reply. I have turned on the tablet and left it charging for 3 hours but so far still a black screen. I did the option for not keeping my files. I will keep it turned on longer, but is there another option for when nothing will happen?

Of course, if it shows no signs of life, we will solve it in another way.

Unfortunately nothing is happening so would love to hear plan B :slight_smile: as need to use my tablet.