Chuwi Lapbook Pro 8gb 14.1 Keyboard light problem

Hi guys just want to ask if my keyboard is defective or i am having a driver issue with windows 10. I need to manually turn on my keyboard light and after a few seconds it will automatically turn off and wont turn on even when i am typing. I need to manually turn it on again and it will turn itself off after a few seconds again and process will repeat itself. It is annoying because you need to keep on turning on the keyboard light everytime it turns itself off during idle or even while typing. Is your lapbook pro having same issue with mine?

Mine does the same thing. I do not think it’s a driver or Windows 10 issue, I think that is by design. I even looked through the BIOS and nothing stood out as being responsible for the keyboard. I too would like if it would either stay on continuously, or at least reactivate when a key is pressed or the touchpad is manipulated.