Chuwi Laptop aerobook black screen

Good morning, I bought a 13.p Aerobook Laptop this year a few months ago, and for a week I did not turn on the laptop without the charger, since yesterday the laptop does not give me an image, when I connect it to the charger I see that the keyboard turns on but does not give an image and I cannot see anything, the charging LED appears green, I NEED URGENT HELP since it is new, it is my work tool, I tried to reinstall the BIOS but I cannot because it does not give me an image … HELP PLEASE WHAT PROBLEM MAY BE

  1. The green charging light simply says the battery is fully charged. It is amber is the battery is charging. The blue power-on indicator, on the other hand, is at the top left corner of the keyboard – is it lit up? If it is not, then the laptop is not even powered on. The keyboard backlight is not sufficient to confirm that the laptop is powered on – on my Aerobook, there was a bug that left the keyboard backlight on even after a complete shutdown; I had to do something (forgotten what I actually did) to make the keyboard backlight go away after a shutdown.
  2. If you can connect an external HDMI monitor to it, you can test whether just the display is bad. Alternatively, shine a powerful torchlight on the display, see if you can see anything displayed – this is in case the white LED backlight is bad, but the LCD panel is displaying correctly.
  3. If the laptop can power on, and the display is working but just displaying blank/black screen, then the laptop could be booting off the secondary NVMe SSD that has no OS installed – remove it and try to boot again. Alternatively, press and hold down F7 key right after power-on, to get a boot selection screen.

1 . The power indicator is in the upper left corner of the keyboard it does not turn on since I have this problem but it does turn on the keyboard
2. DOES NOT turn on the screen
3. does not show any image, only the black screen

Does the fan turn on? Look for it through the grille at the bottom of the laptop.
The keyboard backlight can be turned on independently of the whole laptop by some function keys (F?), so it is not a sufficient indicator that the laptop is powered on.

Chuwi is garbage, junk and an very poorly built product. Same thing happened to me. Had to throw it away and buy an American product.

What a shame I had faith in them and now what happened to me is lost money