Chuwi Larkbox startup and wakeup

I have a brand new Chuwi Larkbox - I cannot find a setting to ensure the Larkbox powers up by default after a power failure or removal of power.

Also, Windows 10 Wakeup-on-Lan settings appear to do nothing - even with a USB3-to-Ethernet hardwired connection via a SUB adaptor. I’m using Windows Remote Administrator (so, no keyboard or mouse etc) and once I put the Chuwi to sleep I should be able to wake it up remotely - but nothing is happening.


I’m trying to write a positive review on the Larkbox and this isn’t helping.

I also made the experience that after my Larkbox Pro went to sleep I was unable to use the WiFi, I had to perform a reset of the WiFi adapter before my WiFi was connected again to the internet.

And still no helpful responses from Chuwi staff - this ompany has no clue about customer service - I’ll simply have to ercommend not using their products.


Looking for the same setting - I guess you have to write a negative review.
After sale support from Chuwi is non-existent. Just don’t buy there anymore.