Chuwi Official Store's wrong currecy display in Taiwan Dollar

@ChuwiSpainSupport Hi, I want to report a problem with the Chuwi Store. When I go in from Taiwan, the currency displayed is in NT value but in U.S. dollar. For example, Larkbox X is supposed to be 6300 NT but it display 6300USD. 30 times higher than actual price. This make Taiwanese unable to buy from the Chuwi official site. Please ask them to fix that.

Thank you for informing us. I already passed this and they are checking it to correct it.

@ChuwiSpainSupport Hi, the problem is there only for the Larkbox X. It is still 30 times the normal price. There is no problem with other products. Please update this information to them.

They told me is for the cookies, that refreshing them would solve it. Did you try?

@ChuwiSpainSupport Unfortunately, it doesn’t work. It is still using USD instead TWD.

@ChuwiSpainSupport Please tell them that erasing cookie only work for one time. It doesn’t work again when you visit the Larbox page the second time after you erased the cookies.

I sent the picture . I guess they will understand now. Thank so much.