Chuwi Ubook M3 6y30 Battery Issue


I have a Chuwi Ubook Original version with core M3 6y30 Processor purchased during initial Kickstarter campaign.

I have not used the tablet much since receiving it as I purchased a new computer during the several month delay in the manufacturing process of this Ubook. The Ubook has been my secondary device since receiving it just over a year ago and has been used less than once a week, in this time, it has gradually had a decreasing battery life from approximately 4-5 hours of light use to now under 2 hours during light use.

I see that there are some others with a similar Issue, my partner had an Aerobook which suffered the battery fault and it seems like mine is rapidly degrading to the same level after light and sporadic usage.

Will Chuwi fix this even though its out of warranty as its clearly a manufacturing defect?

Has anyone managed to source the battery and replace it themselves?

Thanks in advance


A mí me pasa lo mismo , no me dura ni 20 minutos la batería.
No tengo ni idea que hacer, les he mandado un mensaje a Chuwi por la plataforma indiegogo que es por donde la compré a ver que responden.

Let me know how it goes, It seems this is a common issue with the Tablet and others made around the same time (Aerobook 6Y30).