Chuwi ubook vram

i just bought ubook, so far is quit good product until i check dxdiag and found the intel uhd 600 only have 128 mb for vram?? is it possible to increase the vram? because it cant play any game with 3d graphic even for lower class game. kindly help me

If you go into Task Manager, Performance tab, GPU, what does it display for Shared GPU memory?

vram 128 mb, please i need the way to increase the vram

Can you post a screen shot of your task manager, GPU performance tab as follows?

based on that gpu shared memory is 3,7 gb. but in dxdiag for vram its shown 128 mb

Your dedicated Display Memory VRAM will start at 128MB but should adjust it as needed up to the Shared Memory limit (3782 MB). That is why I asked you to paste the Task Manager information. From there you can see that the Display memory can increase the size as needed.

FYI - If you want a quick way to capture the screen within Windows, Press the following: “shift” + “windows key” + “s”. This will bring up a dialog box where you can clip the screen in various formats and put it in the clipboard.