Increasing your dedicated graphics memory

Hello Team,

I have the Surface GO und now i change to Chuwi Ubook Pro.
The Tablet it is very nice! I like it … BUT!

I can on the Surface go Increasing the dedicated graphics memory from 128MB to 512MB.
This can be increased the FPS on some Games - Playable!

It should work with the Chuwi too, but it doesn’t work.
On the Bios are not a area for “Share Memory” and the solution for Dedicated VRAM via Registry Editor does not work too.

The surface is currently better, would be nice if you would unlock it that we can Increasing it.
Can you Help?

My Intel shared graphics memory reports at 4Gig. Are you seeing something different?

I have the Ubook 11.6 (not the pro), and my BIOS does not allow changing the shared graphics memory.

However, I used the windows “System Information” and it says that my graphics memory is 1 GB. That’s already twice the graphics memory available with the Surface GO.