Increase the memory of the video card

I purchased a Chuwi Corebook X14 Ssd 512gb laptop, Intel Core i5-8th gen. The laptop has 8GB of RAM, is it possible to use this RAM to increase the memory capacity of the integrated graphics card? And how much memory does the video card have in total?
Is it possible to increase video memory through bios?
If there is such a possibility, tell me through what bios settings it can be done?

Hello, this cannot be modified to increase the bios, thank you

Is there any way to increase this video memory?

Hello, factory settings, can not achieve memory allocation through bios modification, thank you


The way integrated GPUs work is a little bit shady. From my tests, and information I could find in forums, If you have your laptop with only the soldered 8gb memory, so working in single channel, GPU will use part of your memory in a way to not impact memory allocated to the system itself and performance of CPU. If you add memory on the free slot, lets say 8gb more, you would have 16gb working in dual channel, which basically double the speed of memory. When with 16gb in dual channel, GPU will be allowed to ‘consume’ more of the shared memory. Intel does not let the values clear for consumer but from my tests, I was running GTA V as example, performance was really improved with 16gb and dual channel.

In theory, by specs, Intel Iris 655 would be able to use until 32GB of memory if needed.

Hello again,

You may find some information opening your Display Adapter Properties.

In Adapter tab, you will find information about the Chip type, model, and Total Available Graphics Memory.

In there you have the dedicated memory, which should be the 128mb Vram this Corebook X have for it.
And you should have a line with Shared System Memory:

This value may depend of total memory of your system. According to some topics on Intel Forums, Until around 47% of system memory can be allocated automatically to GPU.

For a system with 16GB as mine, I can see a shared memory of up to 8076MB.