Chuwi Ubook x boot mode

Hi, I have a problem with my chuwi ubook x 12" laptop. How do I access boot mode or boot menu via keyboard???..please help me

Should be FN+F7. You can also select the boot device from bios - ESC.

I’ve tried it but it still doesn’t respond and goes straight to windows…

Are you using original keyboard dock or usb? When you press Esc or FN + F2, the bios should open, try without the FN key.
If you are using a USB keyboard, you may not be able to open the boot menu or bios.

Also try this How to enter UEFI (BIOS) on Windows 10 PCs | Windows Central

I use the keyboard dock. does the bios setting on the ubook x affect the keyboard keys so there is no response for access to the bios or the boot mode option???.. my bios is still the standard setting.

You can disable support for external devices in the bios, but if they work in windows, then there is nothing wrong with the bios settings.
Try to enter in bios through the system settings.