Chuwi Hero Book doesn't boot (unless i press shift)

Hi guys, i have a problem with my Chuwi Hero Book as the computer does not start normally. It appears the home screen with the logo but does not start windows. It restarts by it self over and over again. If i click the shift key it starts windows and I can log in but as soon as I take my finger off the shift key, the windows screen of the “slide to shutdown” appears and the computer turns off automatacly. I cannot access the BIOS or install windows from a pen. I appreciate all the help. Thanks

You have a faulty keyboard. You can try to disassemble and check the keyboard cable, it must be connected without shifting to the sides.
But probably you need to replace the keyboard.

Thanks for replying Biosham. Can you please explain me what the keyboard as to do with windows not booting? All the keys work fine. Can not be a bug from windows itself?

Try to enter in BIOS or boot from a usb flash drive, if the problem persists, then the keyboard is faulty.

Since some keys are connected together by signal lines, if any signal line is damaged, an accidental press may occur.If the problem turns out to be really in the keypad and you can’t find a replacement, you can cut off the power button from the keypad flex cable and disconnect other buttons.

spoiler image

Thanks so much for the help. Right now i cant acess the BIOS neither boot from a pen with windows by any mean. Reseting the computer only installs the original windows and the problem presists. And i tried F2, F7 and F12 and can´t acess the BIOS… :exploding_head:

Is there any way to do acces the BIOS besides this methods?

I have been researching and realised that it is a hardware issue for me (keyboard). Likely due to the poor quality connection that had been mentioned be others. How I finally resolved it for myself is to choose a key that I have no use for and glue it down with superglue (see photo). Simple but functional solution. A suggestion that if you are trying this, to pry out that key and glue the plastics underneath down first, otherwise it can be springy. Then glue down the key itself.

Hope it helps some of you.

I am a technician, I investigated this problem in a device that stopped working after an update, this made me think that the cause of the keyboard contact failure could be heat (this device does not have an active cooling system) since the keyboard flat passes under the battery (this design flaw can easily be fixed by moving or properly covering the flat). At this point, given that replacing the keyboard may not be a definitive solution given the design flaw, I evaluated as the best solution that of locking a key (as suggested by the SCST user in the previous post) but instead of gluing the key just insert a small plastic insert (I made mine with a 3D printer but you can use any thickness that holds the key tightly in place). I hope it can be useful, especially for Chuwi to improve the build quality of its devices.