Chuwi vi8 only efi shell

i am trying to reinstall windows and android but when i try to install android , manufacturing flash tool doesnt see the tablet when i plug it
and with windows installaion it only shows that i have 7 gb free space and i cant setup the windows
iv been trying for days and couldnt make it works
I looked on internet how to hard reset factory and pressed the buttons and what happend is efi shell openned
I opened the boot manager and there wasn’t any thing but efi shell
So i tried to reinstall them by downloading windows but it said it cannot be installed because there is only 7 gb so i formatted the 7 gb disk sith diskpart windows command and nothing changed
And tried go install android from android 86x , it see the 27 gb but when try to download it says can’t mount or format even i tried to install android on sd card but when installed and boot only blacklight runs
This is all what happend so please help me thank you :heart:
Model : CWI506
Vi8 Q32G22150112613