Chuwi vi8 Ultimate restore Android partition PLS

I need your help, I accidentally formatted the partition with android, now I would like to restore it.
I tried asking for help several times on the forum without any help. In one post a user replied with a link to a folder containing files but I don’t know how to flash them. I know you have to use phone flash tool lite but there is no Json file in this folder I ask you please, can someone help me?

My tablet is chuwi vi8 ultimate CW 1507

Please guys, some help?

im waiting someone pls

please any help, i really need it

This forum is dead? where are you?

This is windows files.
Try this [Vi8] [Official Version]Vi8 超级版 Android Firmware and Bios download

Ok thank you, i try and then i let you know how its gone. :slight_smile:

I have to use intel flash tool?

Сan’t find instructions from chuwi, but the firmware is recognized in the intel flash tool, so yes, you probably need to use it.

And most likely you will lose Windows, since there is no file with saving Windows in the firmware.

ok, once i ve installed android, can i restore windows too. Or windows will delete android partition?

Windows installation respects Android partitions