Clock always stop at power off

Hi all, I just got my new Ubook but got a problem with it. Every time I turn off the tablet, when I power it on again the clock is stuck Ed at the time previously turned off, and I have to wait till windows sync the time with the server. Is there a solution to this? Possibly the cmos battery? Is it replaceable? But the pc is just one week old…

Set up automatic synchronization and zone synchronization

Already done that on windows 10, but I need to be on internet for that to work… It’s not normal that the clock stop when you turn off a pc… :no_mouth:

A few things to try.

Disable hibernation.
Disable fastboot.

Go into Bios and set the time and date there. See if that works.

If not, discharge the UBook battery completely. Let it drain down the battery and leave it drained for a hour or so. (Make sure the LED doesn’t turn on when pressing the power button). Then go into BIOS and set the time and date after powering it back up.

If you still have the issue, go into BIOS and reset the settings to the default. Then set the time and date in the BIOS.

If none of this works, you might have a hardware issue and you will need to contact CHUWI support.

Will try as soon as I would receive the keyboard, it seems it’s impossible to use the bios with the touchscreen…

You should be able to use a USB keyboard if you have one.

I’m having same problem with my Chuwi Minibook, the clock won’t autosync and i have to sync it manually.