UBook X with windows 11 stops after boot and more

Hi everyone,
I updated my UBook X (type: CWI535) to windows 11 because the system told me it was compatible and so far everything ok, I followed the update from windows 10 to windows 11 as expected.
Of course the system is updated to the latest windows 11 patch and the drivers are all there, no problem.
for a few days, however, when I start my tablet when it reaches the lock screen, after a few seconds it turns off by itself without having touched anything …
unfortunately this problem does not always happen, in fact, when I manage to enter windows it happens that I can work, but if I leave the tablet for a few minutes it stops inadvertently.
i tried to do a clean install of windows 11, but the problem persists.
could someone give me some advice and / or solution? Thank you all

I have followed all the videos and tutorials to disable suspend and hibernate, but the problem is always there.
unfortunately the warranty has expired and I don’t know how to fix.

The problem occurs with Windows 10? Can you try install the Windows 10 again.

Go to settings, system, power and battery, screen and sleep and adjust the times there