UBook Pro crashes on sleep in some cases

Does anyone else have problems with their Ubook Pro crashing a few seconds after being put to sleep (i.e. tapping the power button)? I’ve noticed this about a month or two ago (a couple of Windows’ updates).
So, when I turn off the screen by means of using the power button (i.e. sleep mode), the blue indicator light will go off after a few seconds. It turns out it’s a BSOD (albeit invisible).
It doesn’t happen always, but from what I’ve made out it’s either while (or after) the charging session, or after USB keyboard/mouse or touchpad keyboard usage session.
When only using it as a tablet on battery, putting to sleep doesn’t crash the device (i.e. the blue indicator light also stays on until the hibernate is triggered).

Here are a few things to try:

Disable Hibernate.
Disable Fast Startup.
Update the drivers for the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework (Manager and Generic Participant).
Install and run the Intel Driver & Support Assistant to update other Intel drivers.

I don’t think I have Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework. I only have Intel Driver & Support Assistant and Intel Graphics Command Center.

The support assistant has been reporting “new updates” available for the last two actual graphics driver updates, despite they were updated already. I suppose I should reinstall this one first.

To update the Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework, you will need to go into device manager and manually perform the update from there.

Go into Device Manager. Under Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework, right click on the devices listed there and select update driver, then choose to search automatically for updated driver software.

They might also show up under System Devices.

There should be three devices listed there. They might not all update.

Thanks. Checked that, but there is no section “Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework”. I did find, under System Devices, two devices for Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework (Manager and Participant). However, both updates claimed that the best devices are already installed.