Ubook Pro N4100 - new device

Hi all!

I’ve recently bought the Ubook Pro N4100 and I like this device very much. I set everything up, I installed all updates that Windows found. Now it says Windows v18363.

Everything works perfeclty fine, (for example, I have the “Touchpad Settings” in the Control Panel, so I assume that I have the keyboard drivers updated).

The only problems I have are:

  1. Touchpad - when I move the coursor quickly, it moves a little bit more even after I stop touching it. One user reported the same issue on this forum. This is not a big deal as I use bluetooth mouse for 99% of a time but i’d be nice to have that repaired.
  2. Occasionally, the “closing cover=sleep mode” and “pressing the button to switch off=sleep mode” doesn’t work. Instead of going to sleep mode, it goes to, I don’t know, a super deep sleep mode, so it’s impossible to wake the tablet on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
    When it is in the proper “sleep mode”, the blue LED flashes slowly - that is ok. But when the tablet is in the wrong, deep mode, the LED is either switched off, or switched on. In this situation, I cannot wake the tablet on using default steps - like pressing the button, clicking the mouse or typing on the keyboard. The only way to wake the tablet is to long press the button until the blue LED lights on (or, when it was already on - to go off and on again). Then, another long press on the button to switch the LED off. And then, the third long press just to “turn on” the tablet - then, the CHUWI logo showes up and the system boots up.
    This situation often happens when the keyboard is attached, it never happen when the keyboard is unpluged.
    I turned off the “Fast Boot” in the power management menu and that helps for the first two, three days. Maybe something turned that one (a Windows update) ?

Second thing, once I have all set up and working, what should I do to make a backup of the system? For example, something crashes in the system and I need to reinstall Windows - are the tools present in the Windows enough to make it? (is there like "recovery partition etc?)
Or maybe I need to create such recovery partition, or collect and keep safe the drivers and a copy of Windows that I found here on this forum?

Thank you for your suggestions :slight_smile:

For the “super deep sleep mode”, you might want to make sure you have hibernate turned off and also hybrid sleep turned off as well.

To turn off hibernation, type “powercfg.exe /h off” in an administrator command prompt.

The hybrid sleep setting can be found in the advanced power settings under sleep.

For making a recovery USB stick:


This should help you. You will need to backup any data separately.

This is only for Windows 10 system files. You will need to reinstall separate programs and restore any data if you choose to reinstall Windows.

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Thank you, I switched the hybrid sleep and hibernation off - seems that the problem is gone :sunglasses:

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There is a partition recovery to reset Windows, but after reset you need to reinstall all programs, Apps, Settings, etc…
I prefere to have a disk copy so that i do not need to reinstall drivers, settings, programs. If something is going wrong or in case of Hw failure i can restore everything in 5 minutes.

Normally i make 2 backup.
One is a copy of a clean Windows, just as arrived…
One is a copy at regular time, when system is perfectly stable…

You can do with external free programs like EaseUs Todo backup or Aomei Backupper or Macrium Reflect.
Or can do with Windows Tool https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Wc9q9xvyZQ

So now there are three ways to create a backup:

  1. Creating a USB recovery drive of a clean windows
  2. Creating a system image of all windows, apps and settings
  3. A backup of Windows on bootable USB and drivers that CHUWI Management has provided :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I’ll go with system image, this looks the most usable thank you.