Cooling mods

fan noise is crazy loud! has anyone tried a cooling mod and can help?

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I’m having the same issue and have asked the question on here, nothing from anyone so far.

I found this which may help?

I’ve yet to try it hopefully can do over the weekend.

Hello, for this problem, you can brush the BIOS. Later, I will update all the official installation packages about minibook.

“Brush the BIOS” as in update it? This would be great. I have seen that the AMT tools show there is an update to the BIOS but I do not dare update it, I do not want to brick the machine with the wrong BIOS?

Finally, I have measured the size of the fan. It is a 4 pole motor, with a PWM controller that is sure wave (sine wave is more silent) and probably a cheap bearing, and a 4 pin connection. Measures 40 mm (43 with the left eyelet) x 37 mm and is 5mm thick. I guess up to 7 mm a fan would still fit there. Can you suggest alternatives to this “Broadway Shenzen Corp” little helicopter?


Sorry, there is no other choice at the moment.We will improve this problem in the near future.

The only solution would be to change the fan. I suppose it should have the same size as the old one. It would be nice if you could send the new fan.

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This might work a mac book air exhaust fan, guy swapped it on a one mix yoga, might work for Chuwi mini book too at £3-4 on ebay no real loss if it don’t fit

A1370 fan Apple MacBook Air 11".


Some people have discussed this point on Facebook group.
It is possible to change a better fan for less noise and better cooling.
But the main problem is chuwi minibook’s fan pin connector is unique.
May be you have to mod the new fan with original pin connector.

You can change the fan with the brushless SEPA HY40H-05A, exactly same dimensions, fits perfectly, you just need to charge plug as it’s different, easy job. Day and night difference on noise and performance.
This mod with some good quality thermal pad will make Minibook to work at 40-50 degrees. Attached two fans and the new fan with stock plug resoldered and installed.


I plan on getting this fan but how do I change the plug? Can you provide any instructions?

Just connect black cable to black, yellow to yellow, red to red and blue to orange

Thx that worked nicely I just had to unsolder and resolder the wires. if you cant find the fan on ebay try searching for a Fujitsu UH900 replacement fan. It even takes less current than the actual fan and with the ec fan off mod it is really a battery improvement.

Changing the fan is a HUGE improvement. The replacement fan is super silent, you only will hear the air moving, and not the sound of a drone…

The fan can be found on AliEpress as well for around10 USD. (

Some solerding skills are required. And when disassembling the fan, think about ESD prevention and use a wrist strap.

For those looking to switch to the SEPA, here’s the original fan cable mapping

and here’s the SEPA mapping

As another poster said, you will need follow the colouring of the cable and not the current mapping. I made the mistake of soldering the black onto the red spot because of the original SEPA mapping.

black cable to black, yellow to yellow, red to red and blue to orange

is there the possibility to get the properitary connecter for the fan?
I was nearly finished when I noticed that I deforned the connector during the isolation of the soldering…

The best method was to remove teh placard from the fan. Then you cound unsolder the complete wire (with connector) from the original fan, and solder the complete wire (with connector in place) onto the new fan.

I don’t know where to source new connector. But I can’t imagine it can’t be found on AliExpress… :stuck_out_tongue:

I take Plan B.
There is an Electronic shop nearby. They will connect the wires direct on the circuit board.