[Corebook] [Tutorial+firmware] Corebook reinstall operating system tutorial,windows,BIOS,driver

一.Tools: USB disk >16GB

  1. format the USB disk to NTFS ,entitled WINPE(if not,the USB disk can’t be recognized)

    2.open the win10 mirror package and copy the subfiles inside to the usb root directory
    3.The connection method is to connect the tablet computer OTG to the Hub splitter, the USB disk and the USB external keyboard to the Hub.
    Press the power button to turn on when the corebook was shutdown. At the same time click the F7 continuously to enter the flash mode.
    4.press“ ↑ ↓ “key to select UEFI: SanDisk, Partition 1,press “Enter”to start flash Windows system.
    NOTICE: It will shutdown automatically or shows green interface when finish the flash.If it shows the green interface,it needs long press the turn-on button for 6mins to shutdown,then turn on again. It will take a long time to turn on after the flash ,please wait for the system to enter the test mode interface and close the middle prompt box. Double-click Cleanup to Cleanup and shut down.then select the language to enter the system after reboot.



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Hello. How to reinstall the bios and drivers after reinstalling Windows 10?

Do not touch the BIOS

follow point 8 of this tutorial: [TUTORIAL] How to remove Android and install Windows on a dualboot tablet (Intel Processors)

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Hey manonegra222, thanks alot for your advice.

After windows 10 has been updated my screen dont work with touch on my Corebook. Can i use this guide to reinstall the drivers that are linked in this guide for drivers? without reinstalling windows 10?

Of course, from point 8

But first read this thread: Touchscreen not working - SOLVED - please read

Do I really have to wipe out everything and reinstall Windows, just to get touchscreen (and pen) to work?

I cannot install touch driver on the already install Windows 10. There is just simply no options for that.

I also downloaded Driver and BIOS, but how do I use it? There is no South Cluster in my current BIOS.

Actually, I have Ubuntu USB, but touchscreen isn’t working also.