Corebook X battery charge asynchronous

Hi, I’m the owner of a Corebook X, i5 7th gen 16 GB Ram .
I noticed that the 100% system notification doesn’t coincide with the the led, beside the type c port, status (fully charged blue led).
Exactly the led take 10/15 minutes more to become blue after the battery status reach the 100% in system.
This happen with both type c 65W charger or OEM charger from manufactures.

Looking on the forum I’ve found out that other device by Chuwi has that problem and that a BIOS update with relative EC Controller update will fix the problem.

How can I request for a BIOS update?
Thanks in advance. :grin:

You can request files from

Never got an answer back from Chuwi service.
I tried also to do an EC reset leaving the batter unplugged for several minutes but nothing changed.