CoreBook X Hackintosh

CoreBook X Hackintosh
I will publish a CoreBook X Hackintosh Tutorial soon.
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Wow! trackpad and WIFI work?

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I am not sure, but i think it will not be supported :frowning:

Could you please confirm what type of touchpad in Corebook x?
Check under the device manager the Hardware ID name for the touchpad HID.If it ‘s something like HID/SYNA3602&Col02 (the same as Areobook plus)I think it can be solved.

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Dont see any Touchpads in Device manager.

Its the Synaptics SYNA3602 @asdfg6818

Syna3602 is a troublemaker…
Someone tried and made it work,others failed…

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That isnt good… @asdfg6818