Chuwi Corebook X Touchpad issues

I’m having issues with Touchpad on my Chuwi Corebook X. It just stop working, I can’t find any Touchpad options to enable. I’m now having to also connect a wireless mouse.
Any drivers that I need updating or installing that may have gone missing - this used to work and just stopped.
Anyone have ideas to troubleshoot this issue?

Hello Craig, Welcome to the forum.

I have this same issue sometimes. Usually when I restart laptop it works again. I still cound´t find exact root cause but this seems some issue on drivers.

Fn + ESC enable and disable TouchPad but this does not work for me when the issue happens by the time I turn on laptop.

@ChuwiService , do you have any clue if this could be actually driver issue or something else?

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@ChuwiService would be nice to know if I can just update drivers. I tried using a free driver update and supposedly all drivers have been updated. I’m hoping for an easy fix before I have to send it back to the supplier, it’s only 4 months old. I’d also expect to see touchpad options within Win 11 why expect some issue with a driver. Can you guide me to Chuwi Corebook required drivers?