The touchpad stopped working

I turned off my laptop. In the morning I turned on the touchpad stopped working. Keyboard shortcuts for turning the touchpad on and off do not help. The laptop is new what to do.

This literally just happened to me! How did you resolve it?

I reset the BIOS settings. And magically everything stopped. But before that, the touchpad did not work for 2 days.

OK thx for the info. Mine is working again as well. I think in my case, something on the keyboard was pressed with the FN key which inadvertently turned off the touchpad. I looked high and low for Chuwi documentation and couldn’t find anything pertaining to FN key functionality. All of my drivers were updated and still had the same problem. I also reset the BIOS to default but by that time had already began a reinstall of Windows. My mouse was working through the reinstall process.

So in the end, I really don’t know exactly what resolved the issue. What I do know is that Chuwi tech support is non-existent and the information on this forum is lacking too. This caused me a lot of issues and lost a day of work. Perhaps I shouldn’t have bought this laptop for work purposes.

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