My touchpad on Gemibook Disappeared and stopped to work


This morning i turned on my gemibook and my touchpad didn’t work. I checked on my settings and there is no touchpad option, i used an external usb mouse instead in order to work. After i went to bios and i did default in case something was there wrong and nothing changed either. I have contacted Chuwi customer service but i would like to know if anyone knows what can i do to fix the problem. I tried all the youtube advices with the FN + F buttons, the settings from the manage devices, bios etc… and nothing happened.

Thank you in advance.

Have you tried fn + esc key?

I did, i can see the light turn in on and off on the icon of the touchpad but nothing else… still not works.

It seems to be a trouble caused by tatch pad related hardware or cable connection.
You may be bettet to contact your selletr to request warranty replacement.