Corebook X Intel 12th gen - is the hinge breaking issue fixed?

I have the previous gen version of this, which as many Chuwi notebook products do, had a catastrophic hinge failure after only 1.5 years of gentle use.

Given the cost of shipping this all the way back and paying for a repair, I was thinking about just selling mine as broken and getting the new 12th gen one. But this is contingent on a very important question they won’t officially answer as it would mean admitting the old problem. Is the hinge breaking issue fixed? Has the hinge been made sturdier? I see it inserts into plastic bezel now, as it’s no longer edge to edge screen glass, so at least that part seems like they may have redesigned it so the glass doesn’t break as the hinge comes out.

Anyone have both and check what’s different?

I’d also like to know if @Management could possibly just send me a hinge and screen assembly for repair given that the european repair center apparently closed and it costs too much to ship around the world for repair for what it’s worth