CoreBook X 2023 I3-1215U - Any hinge problem?

I plan to buy the CoreBook X 2023 I3-1215U. I heard of many hinge problems in Chuwi laptops. I would like to ask… for those who already have this newest model, do you see any problems with the screen hinges?

Yes.the screws are too light and is it screwing on plastic. Same problem. I let the laptop open Always.
it is no longer portable now. he stays fixed at my house

It’s a shame that there are all these problems because for the price, it works pretty well. I make music with it. I need a lot of power to use 30 synthesizers, 20 multi effects, my DAW and a few external applications (connected to the Internet to find audio samples, change their speed and tone) at the same time. and for all that, it does the job. It heats up quite a bit but it doesn’t crash. of course the battery drains very quickly. but I had never found a new PC at this price that could support this workload.

Ciao, assolutamente non ho avuto problemi simili anzi è perfetto poi se lo si usa in maniera improria non c’è notebook che tenga nemmeno quelli militari.

I’ve had a CoreBook X since two and a half years ago, and a GemiBook XPro since its release a few months ago, and I haven’t noticed any hinge problems. Of course I always treat my equipment with care.

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Hi, I purchased it some months ago and it’s working perfectly. Of course if you need a “war” laptop this cannot be the one that is good for you. I use on daily basis at home and for light travelling. If you use it for very long time with charger on or with heavy workload I suggest a gaming laptop cooler, it’s really keeping the device cold.

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