CHUWI Corebook X: Apparently detached display hinge

I bought a second hand CHUWI Corebook X with a Core i5-8259U CPU. The display hinges seem to be not exactly fixed so I opened the case and found some loosen hinges. The problem now is how to remove that grey plastic cover in order to check wether some screws are not tightend enaugh or something else is broken (hopefully not). Does anybode know, how to remove that grey plastic cover?

You can find a short video at youtube: CHUWI Corebook X: Apparently detached display hinge - YouTube

Checked it out: the hinge cover is snapped in. After removing the cover I found the hinges’ fixattions broken. Seems to be just some platic pins. Tried to fix it with super glue, but I am wondering, how long it takes until it is broken again…

CHUWI Corebook X: Broken fixation of the hinge at the display panel


I too have a problem with a hinge. I haven’t closed the Laptop for 2 weeks for fear that it will get worse. Because of this problem, there is plastic that breaks near the corner of the screen. Nothing serious for the moment but it pulls on the assemblies and sticking. Sounds very evocative of plastic suffering and cracking. I saw that someone had managed to tighten the screws that hold the hinges. I will try to do the same. If other users have this problem and solutions. I’ll take it. THANKS.