CoreBook X problems

Hello. Please ask how to solve these problems:

  1. USB C. When activate in BIOS - After restart keyboard stop working. Can enter one symbol in 5 seconds.
  2. How to change Fn keys funcions? I need work in application that use F1-F10 keys. Where I can switch mode or how to fix this problem? In BIOS no option.
  3. Where to get BIOS updates?

The keyboard and connector are partially controlled by the multicontroller, perhaps the problem is related to its firmware, I recommend returning the settings to their original state (no need to reset the settings, just restore connector settings). If you have any trouble with usb-c (charging\data\image transfer) it’s better to contact with
If you cannot enter in bios using the laptop keyboard try to connect external keyboard.

This function is not available and most likely will not be available even after the bios update.

You can request it from

Your 2 and 3:
You may ask chuwi support described on vip card in the product package. One japanese customer noted on his website that he had sent a request mail and received a bios update file by return.