Corebox does not support HDR

Hello. I bought a chuwi corebox i5 8259u and I can’t play HDR videos on an HDR compatible oled tv. I have updated to windows 11 and I have installed the latest drivers for intel iris plus 655 but it still says that it is not compatible with HDR. Can somebody help me?

Hello @Aitzondo, welcome to the forum.

Have you confirmed that HDMI cable you are using is also HDR compatible? Also, can you confirm that your TV is actually HDR compatible for HDMI Entry?

Most of TVs advertised as HDR, the HDR only works on Streaming Services as Netflix, etc, but HDMI entry is not actually compatible with HDR input.

thanks for answering. Before the corebox I had an android tv box that I used to play HDR and everything worked fine. I’m using the same cable and the same tv.

The worrying thing is that in dxdiag appears HDR: IS NOT ADMITTED

Anyway, can you confirm that this device should support HDR? I think the gpu is compatible but I don’t know if the rest of the hardware qualifies for HDR playback.