Corebox not booting after installing SSD

I have a new CoreBox. I am trying to install a 500GB Crucial MX500 SATA SSD. When I plug it in and try to boot it up it gets stuck at the bios screen. I can’t even enter the bios setup. It just seems frozen trying to load the BIOS. What am I doing wrong?

Is SSD formatted? Sometimes PC do not boot further than the manufacturer’s logo because of the boot area on the SDD, which was created on another machine.
SATA supports hot swap. You can try to connect SSD when booted from default m.2 SSD.To do this, first connect the adapter to the SSD, connect the power cable to the board (small connector with red and black wire), turn on PC, wait until the system boots up, then connect the SATA cable, SSD should appear in the Disk Manager. If the SSD does not appears it is probably a power or SSD fault.