[CoreBox] The CoreBox BIOS is a buggy mess

Chuwi CoreBox BIOS ( AMI Bios Vers.2.18.1263 (2020) Date 09/08/2020 15:42 Ver VB2004) is really broken right now. I think that it is Chuwi’s duty to provide an upgrade at this point.
If you connect an SSD to the SATA port, it will not work at all (stuck at Chuwi logo during bios init).
Today I spent 120€ buying a replacement 1TB nvme, and guess what… it is not even recognized…

If you don’t trust me, just do a google search and you will find many ppl complaining in this forum for these issues.

The product is good, but these problems shouldn’t even exist.
Please Chuwi give us a bios update.

EDIT: Also, the bios in an evaluation copy of AMI Bios.