CWI542 Firmware & Drivers

Hello, I purchased a Chuwi CWI542 a little over a year ago. I found another forum post asking for this, but there were no replies. I have reinstalled Windows 10 as it is not able to connect to my wifi. It’s still not able to connect to wifi and I’m hoping updated drivers will resolve the issue.

Tell me the model and serial number.

The Model is: CWI542 as stated in my post. Serial Number is: CB Q128G820180501570. I purchased it from order number: 18120400991813411632

The keyboard case arrived with a broken pin but they were unable to provide me with a replacement.

CWI542 is not the model of device,can you send me a picture of the back of the device?

Maybe it’s CW1542? Hard to tell.Here’s the picture as requested: