Dangerous! My Chuwi Minibook battery suddenly expand bigger

Hello chuwi team, I’ve been using minibook a year but rarely using it for work due to strong noise fans issue, but recently I check my minibook got abit bumb from the back and I open it the cover just to see the battery seem to be bigger than usual. Please help

view more photo: https://imgur.com/a/kry8mhQ

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Battery life is over. Replace the battery. The forum also shows how to replace the battery.

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Can someone please direct me on how to replace the battery? Also, may I still use the minibook if the battery is in this condition?

With such a battery is is very safe to not use it at all. If it was mine I would remove the battery right now (not tomorrow, but right now within the hour) and remove it out of the house. Such batteries are known to cause fire, and lithium fires are known to burn down houses… So please, remove that battery out of your house.

Disconnecting and removing eh battery is qute easy. Open the notebok, then disconnect the cable which connects the battery to the mainboard, and then remove the screws which secures the battery in place. Once the srewes are removed you can remove the battery from the notebook. Possibly you need to wiggle a bit to get it loose (it has been a couple years ago since I’ve replaced mine)

@bree would you please tell me your serial number. I will ask if we have stock.

Hello. Where is the serial number? There is some white lettering on the back of the unit: ZMiniBEM1H220100238?

thats the serial number. I will answer you tomorrow

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@bree i asked and we dont have battery for this product as its too old. ;( im sorry

A 3-year old device is already considered too old? I have an asus EeePc bought in 2011 which still recieves Windows updates and that could be considered too old but not a 3-year old device.

Maybe Chuwi is changing its strategy, and I assume it has been trying to improve in recent years but part of establishing a good name as a pc manufacturer is to provide decent after sales support. Also, in the newer models please consider implementing higher quality batteries. Cheap ones not only have a very short lifespan and low charge capacity (around four hours although you advertise 7 or 8 which is completely unrealistic) but they also have the increased risk of causing a fire. Please consider that although customers want inexpensive device, this cannot come at the price of risking the safety of the customer.

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I understand, and I apologize for this. I will tell this to the product team. because i have seen several complaints about this.

I was able to source for the battery locally - and I replaced it. It is working. I have another issue but will start a new thread.