The battery that chuwi sold has died in less than two years

Hi all
I bought the battery that chuwi offered for the minibook and it has lasted me less than two years.
I have been a month without using the minibook and when I picked it up it was discharged (I always leave it at 100% battery). I have tried to load it but nothing, it no longer loads. Does anyone know if the battery can be fixed or I just have to buy another? Thank you.

Probably going to have to buy another. There’s a reason that every major OEM only includes a 1-year warranty on the battery regardless of how long of a warranty you purchase on the actual laptop. Batteries are known to start dying the second they are charged. If kept at full charge, it kills them faster. If fully discharged, fully recharged, this kills them faster. Anything you do kills them, basically. The best you can do is keep it between like 40&70% charge where it experiences the LEAST amount of degradation.

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Thanks. I’ll find another replacement. Thank you.

More in general; when you’re not using the battery, or plan to not use the Minobook for several days/weeks; DON"T charge it to 100%. Charge it to about 75% and store is with this battery level.

Li-ion batteries are starting to degrade when it’s charged for 100%. That’s why Tesla car batteries are charged till 95% and pre-charged new batteries are never charged to 100%. That’s also why a li-ion battery will last much longer when not charged till 100%.

As the original Minibook battery isn’t that great you can save the battery by not storing it with 100% charge.

Right now I have two batteries. The original and another from chuwi that they offered us at a good price. The problem is that the battery drains, with the minibook off, very fast. If I leave it at 100% in a week it is at 70%; I have tried to leave it at 70% and it keeps going down very fast.
I followed a tutorial that leaves the minibook completely off and everything remains the same.
And now these from Chuwi sell another minibook …